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Meet The

Arnold Family

Local Bison Farmers

The Arnold Family in Uxbridge, Ontario started Thunder Ridge Bison Co. in 2015 with the hopes of helping to conserve the Bison population and share their passion with the world.

Thunder Ridge Bison Company

For The Love of Bison

This Story Starts With Us

We are incredibly passionate about bison farming, but it was initially a dream that began many years ago.

We are utterly (not udderly) fascinated by these amazing creatures. After a family trip to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario, we became passionate about learning about the history of bison and the benefits of bison farming to the land as well as the amazing health benefits of including bison into your diet.

It Was A Dream Come True

In 2015 the perfect opportunity presented itself to us, and Thunder Ridge Bison Co. was born. Farming was a dream our family never thought would come true but the interest and passion for nature and animals never faded. Together with our three wonderful children, we worked to provide an amazing environment for our herd.

Bison are an animal with a rich history that is firmly rooted in our country’s origins and we have learned and continue to learn about these amazing creatures.

Our Community Loves Bison, Too

Our farm provides quality bison meat to Uxbridge area residents and provides an incredible opportunity to learn and grow as a family, but also share our love with the community. We've had the opportunity to connect with various members of our community including our indigenous community through celebrity chef David Wolfman.

Recently our bison was served at a dinner for the release of Chef David Wolfman’s Cookbook, Indigenous Fusion which won the “Canadian Cookbook of the Year”.

Our Future With Bison

We want to ensure that we continue to honour the bison and everything that the animal is able to offer. When we process an animal, we use as much of it as possible, even the bones, hide, and skulls.

We farm our bison ethically and we love to teach people about how we raise our bison as naturally as possible to provide the best quality meat. You also can't help but always curious about this prehistoric looking animal, and we are fortunate to share our love for bison with so many people.

We Have A Passion For Bison

“On a spring day it is amazing to see the young bison frolicking around the pasture. Despite their big size, they prance around like bunnies and tussle with each other. It makes me laugh to see them having so much fun in the pasture.”