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Our farm in the Oak Ridges Moraine of Ontario is perfectly suited to Bison farming, allowing them to graze and breed naturally and sustainably.

We’re Family Owned & Operated

Brian and Michelle have always loved living on the farm and caring for the bison daily. Their children, Bree, Timm and Sarah are also instrumental in the daily operations of the farm to make sure it will have a perfect future.

Our Bison Herd Is Bred Sustainably

Our bison herd lives as naturally as they would if they lived in the wild. We’re proud that our herd has one mature bull named Bruce and eleven adult females. Last season we were lucky to have ten calves. Bison breed and birth without any human assistance or interaction.

Our Bison Feed By Grazing Naturally

Our bison enjoy living on sprawling acres of native grasses. They are free to graze throughout the summer months. In the colder months they are fed round bales of hay daily. They are also very fond of the apples grown in the pasture.

Where To Find Our Bison

If you are looking for an incredible culinary bison experience, check out the Urban Pantry in Uxbridge. Our meat has also been served at events like Feast On in Toronto, fundraisers by Ducks Unlimited, and various Indigenous events like those hosted by Chef David Wolfman.

We’re Committed To The Dream

In an effort to achieve the goal of 1 million bison, we are expanding our pasture area and growing our herd. We will be able to implement a rotational grazing program that will allow our animals ample space to thrive and grow.

Our Location Is The Perfect Environment

The Oak Ridges Moraine, just North of Toronto, Ontario, is the perfect environment for Bison farming. It’s well-suited to the Bison themselves, but it’s also home to several at-risk species of plant and animal that must be protected, just like our Bison.

We Have A Passion For Bison

“I love being able to share our experience with people and taking people out to see the bison in the fields. The same way people can get quietly mesmerized by watching a campfire, comes to light when they have the chance to get up close and personal with the bison.”

– Brian Arnold